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3 Cold Weather Tips For Chronic Pain

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Sunday, December 1, 2019

Renew Physical Therapy_3 Cold Weather Tips For Chronic Pain

Does Cold Weather Have An Effect On Chronic Pain?

Science is unclear why chronic pain can flare-up during colder weather, but the correlation has been well-documented. Some suggest it may not even be directly related to temperature, but other winter factors may be the cause like barometric pressure and humidity. While science debates the cause, here are some tips that will help manage chronic pain at home.

Stay Hydrated

This is the number one wellness tip. Most people know that 60% of your body is water, but when you sort by individual organs it is much, much more. Your brain and heart are 73% water and your muscles and kidneys are almost 80% water. When you get to the microscopic level, every cell in your body starts with water as the building block for life. When it comes to chronic pain, staying properly hydrated helps muscles maintain strength and control and keeps joints lubricated. Finally, according to other studies water can also increase your tolerance to pain.

A Warm Bath

This home remedy has been used for centuries when dealing with pain—chronic or otherwise. The immediate benefits of soaking in a warm bath are increased circulation. This allows increased nutrients to penetrate the injured area and will help flush out debris. The warmth also stimulates your sensory receptors to block pain signals to the brain.

A Little Movement

It does not take a lot of activity to encourage circulation and promote healthy muscles and joints. Something is better than nothing. The easiest way to increase activity is to incorporate movement during other activities. Here is a quick rule of thumb: two minutes of activity for every half-hour of sedation. If you watch TV, that’s a commercial break and there are at least two every half-hour. You can also incorporate arm stretches every time you pass through a doorway. You can do 30-second calf stretches in a half-kneeling pose. So you see, you don’t necessarily have to do an hour on a yoga mat and then another hour at the gym to get positive results from movement.

How Do I Know If I Have Chronic Pain?

The best way to determine the cause of pain is a trip to a Physical Therapist. Pain can come from multiple causes and impact different parts of your body. At Renew Physical Therapy, we work with chronic painelbow painfoot and ankle painhip painknee painneck painback pain, and shoulder pain.

How Do I Pick A Physical Therapist In The Portland Area?

As Renew Physical Therapy continues to grow, we have retained our personal approach to our patients. We believe it is because we are unique. Our multiple 5-star PT reviews reinforce the idea that our approach is creating great results. We adhere to a strict “no-pain” rule throughout treatment to ensure steady progress toward a full recovery.

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