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Do I Need A Referral For Physical Therapy?

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, April 22, 2021

Renew Physical Therapy Treats Injuries. Chronic Pain, And More In Portland  For high-quality physical therapy services in the Portland area, Portland locals need look no further than their very own Renew Physical Therapy. Our team is dedicated to offering the best possible care to our Portland patients. At Renew Physical Therapy, Portland locals can seek out pain-free physical therapy that focuses on reducing […]

Can Physical Therapy Be Pain-Free? 

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Physical Therapy In Portland  Portland locals who need professional physical therapy services can rely on Renew Physical Therapy. We’re proud to bring personalized physical therapy care to the people of Portland and the areas surrounding. We take the time to work closely with each patient to identify any issues they are having to find personalized solutions. Additionally, our clinic philosophy includes an emphasis […]

How Physical Therapy Helps Both Before And After Shoulder Surgery

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, January 16, 2020

East Portland Locals Seek Shoulder Care At Renew Physical Therapy East Portland patients can rely on Renew Physical Therapy for professional and pain-free physical therapy treatments. Our professional team is experienced in helping East Portland locals with a wide range of issues, including chronic pain or pain caused by an injury. If you live in […]

Adding Up The Costs Of Physical Therapy Alternatives

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Physical Therapy Can Have Similar Outcomes As Surgery Academic research in medicine continues to suggest that, in some cases, physical therapy can be just as effective as surgery. As early as 2013, a New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) study found patients with a meniscal tear and knee osteoarthritis who opted for physical therapy had […]

Tips From A Physical Therapist To Battle Cold Weather Pain

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, September 26, 2019

We’ve all heard the age-old notion from those who claim they can feel rain coming based on the pain in their joints or based on changes toward cooler temperatures. While research is still lacking on the validity of these claims, what we do know is that during the cooler months, we do risk neglecting some […]

Pain-Free Physical Therapy in SE Portland

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, June 27, 2019

  Our Pain-Free Physical Therapy Philosophy There is a stigma that physical therapy includes pain. In fact, some feel it is encouraged as part of the recovery process, i.e., the pain tells you that it is working. At Renew Physical Therapy, located in SE Portland, we have a no pain rule for physical therapy. Our […]

Is Physical Therapy Just Exercises and Stretching?

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, June 6, 2019

The short answer is no. Physical therapy is much more than exercises, heating pads, and stretching. Physical therapy is focused on the recovery of movement and overall wellness. There is a lot that goes on before any exercise or stretching takes place. First, We Evaluate and Diagnose The success for recovery is proportional to the […]

Physical Therapy Services in Southeast Portland

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Portland is no different than any other city or town when it comes to needing physical therapy. Pain relief and stiffness from Auto and Work-Related Injuries, Chronic Pain, Elbow Pain, Foot and Ankle Pain, Headaches and Dizziness, Hip and Knee Pain, Neck and Back Pain, Pre/Post-Operative Rehabilitation, or Shoulder Pain. Renew Physical Therapy, located on […]

3 Common Overuse Injuries That Increase In The Spring

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, April 11, 2019

When it comes to injuries, they usually fall into two categories; acute injuries or overuse injuries. If you want a full definition of each you can read our article on Acute vs. Overuse Injuries. But for the purpose of this article, in a nutshell, acute injuries are caused by a single event and result in […]

Treatment For Shoulder Pain In Clackamas

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Sunday, December 17, 2017

Clackamas residents who are experiencing prolonged pain as a result of a shoulder injury may find relief with dedicated physical therapy. Shoulder injuries can come from a multitude of causes; from throwing injuries or falls, repetitive overuse, or home improvement projects, sudden onset from sleeping awkwardly, or for no particular cause; shoulder issues can be […]

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