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Common Types Of Chronic Pain 

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, September 10, 2020

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Renew Physical Therapy Serves Portland

Do you live in the Portland area? Are you in need of physical therapy services? Please visit Renew Physical Therapy. At Renew Physical Therapy, we value helping our patients recover from pain or injury without causing any additional pain. In fact, a core component of our clinic philosophy is to make sure that we can offer pain-free physical therapy to our patients. 

Renew Physical Therapy Offers Relief From Chronic Pain 

Portland locals who suffer from chronic pain can seek relief from the professional team at Renew Physical Therapy. As with all our physical therapy services, we strive to offer pain-free care that relieves the underlying issues contributing to chronic pain.  

What Is Chronic Pain? 

Chronic pain can be categorized as any type of musculoskeletal pain or symptom that has been present for an extended period of time, usually for 6 months or longer. There are many types of chronic pain. Some of the most common types of chronic pain include the following. 

Back Pain

Studies have shown that upwards of 80% of Americans suffer from chronic back pain at some point during their life. This pain is typically felt in the lower back. It can be the result of medical issues such as arthritis or osteoporosis. It can even be the result of normal wear and tear. 


There are many different kinds of headaches. Those who suffer from chronic headaches may experience tension headaches, eye strain headaches, cluster headaches, etc. 

Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain can be the result of many issues, including but not limited to Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, repetitive motion injuries, and more. 

Nerve Pain 

One in every ten Americans is affected by chronic nerve pain. Chronic nerve pain is commonly related to issues such as sciatica, diabetic neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. 

If you suffer from any of these types of chronic pain, seek help at Renew Physical Therapy. We work closely with each patient to give them the personalized treatment they need. 

Renew Your Body At Renew Physical Therapy 

Renew Physical Therapy is an independent manual physical therapy clinic that was established in December 2015 by Michael and Heidi Cantwell. Our facility features three private treatment rooms and an open gym area to treat all our patients’ needs. If you’ve suffered from chronic pain, an auto or workrelated injury, or any other issues allow us to help. See our full list of services to see the types of physical therapy we offer. You can find us at 11010 SE Division Street in Portland, Oregon. 

Visit our About Us page to learn more about our practice, clinic, and staff. Call us at 503.928.4914 to schedule an appointment. 

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