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Help Prevent Foot And Ankle Pain

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, November 21, 2019

Renew_Physical_Therapy_Help Prevent Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and Ankle Pain can derive in a number of ways, but the three primary causes of foot and ankle pain are accidents from regular activity, overuse accumulated wear and tear from sports, and improper footwear. With that in mind, here’s what you can do to avoid foot and ankle pain.

Regular Activity and Sports Accidents

The biggest risk for injury during normal activity and sports activity are obstacles and uneven surfaces. Rocky terrain, loose gravel, tree roots, and stumps are usual culprits. Whenever you are walking in a new terrain or unfamiliar space, pay special attention to the ground beneath you and watch out for uneven surfaces.

Overuse of and Accumulated “Wear and Tear”

Overuse injuries mostly occur in specific sports that require a lot of side-to-side movement. These sports include tennis, soccer, and dance. Your body is designed to mostly go forward. Crabs are much better designed for side-to-side movement. You can prevent many injuries just by warming up or by a gradual increase in pace. If you start to feel pain even when you are not active, take a rest and let your body heal. If your pain persists for more than six months, this is the definition of chronic pain and you should consult a physical therapist.

Improper Footwear

Footwear is a factor in preventing foot and ankle injuries. If you have low arches, you will want shoes that provide arch support and support at the front of the foot. If your arches are slightly higher, then you need a shoe with a softer cushion. If you are in a specific sport, make sure you buy shoes that are designed for that sport. Specifically, if you are a regular runner, a good rule of thumb is replacing your shoes every 6 months. Finally, no matter how active you are, check the bottom of all your shoes. Some wear on the tread is to be expected, but if you see uneven wear or if any part of the first layer is missing, it’s time to replace your shoes.

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