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Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Rehabilitation


Renew_Physical_Therapy_PDX_Pre-Operative and Post-Operative RehabilitationAny type of musculoskeletal pain or symptom, including spinal symptoms involved in conditions recommended for surgery by surgical specialists or involved in conditions following surgical intervention.


All forms of physical injury and gradual-onset conditions leading to pain and/or other symptoms resistant to conservative non-surgical interventions that have been recommended for surgical intervention or have undergone operation and require post-operative rehabilitation.

Related Conditions:

Muscle strain, tear, or repair; Tendon strain, tear, release, or repair; Ligament sprain, tear, or repair; Bone fracture with or without fixation; Labral injury, tear, debridement, or repair; Meniscus injury, tear, meniscectomy, or repair; Osteoarthritis with or without joint replacement; Pre-operative or post-operative disc herniation with or without microdiscectomy/laminectomy/fusion; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, pre-operative and post-operative; Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, pre-operative and post-operative;

How Renew Physical Therapy Can Help:

In those cases involving people who are heading for surgery, our job in the “pre-habilitation” program is to optimize biomechanical function of the involved anatomical area prior to the operation, including optimization of joint mobility and muscular strength.  This ensures a more comfortable and steadier recovery from the operation, whether the operation is a total joint replacement, ligament or tendon reconstruction, fracture fixation, or spinal surgery.  In some conditions recommended for surgery, the prehabilitation has resulted in significant postponement of or prevention of the previously recommended surgery, as the mechanical and/or inflammatory component that was eliminated with pre-hab was more significant than the anatomical pathology component detected on diagnostic imaging.

In those cases involving people who have already undergone surgery, our job is to restore normal biomechanical function of the involved anatomical area within the surgeon’s post-operative rehabilitation protocol for that specific surgical procedure.  Our team is well-educated and well-experienced in post-operative precautions, contraindications, and appropriate rehabilitation progressions toward a safe and timely return to normal function.