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How Much Do Physical Therapists Know? A Lot!

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, February 6, 2020

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We Treat The Patient, Not The Symptoms

Renew Physical Therapy offers treatment that focuses on the root cause of a patient’s symptoms. With our unique “no-pain” approach to physical therapy, we provide one-on-one, personalized, and hands-on physical therapy treatments to help eliminate pain for patients in East Portland.

What Do Physical Therapists Need To Know?

Whether you’ve been referred for physical therapy treatment or are seeking physical therapy for other reasons, if you’re a first-time patient, you may ask — What do physical therapists know that helps them to diagnose and treat patients? The truth is your physical therapist knows a lot! When studying for their profession, physical therapists are required not only to become well-acquainted with the human body through the study of anatomy, physiology, and biology, but they are also required to have knowledge in chemistry and physics as well.

Renew Physical Therapy’s Michael Cantwell and Chris Franson

Michael Cantwell, P.T., D.P.T., C.M.P., is a Physical Therapist at Renew Physical Therapy. He received his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University in 2002, earning the Faculty Recognition Award for his class. That same year, Michael began work as a physical therapist at Rockwood Physical Therapy, where he also met his wife, Heidi. Michael became clinical director of the Southeast Portland clinic until it relocated to Beaverton in 2015. Michael and Heidi Cantwell decided to open Renew Physical Therapy in December of 2015 with a personal goal to ensure that every patient who walks through their door has a positive experience.

Dr. Cantwell has almost 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist and specializes in mechanical diagnosis and treatment through specialist manual therapy mobilizations and spinal manipulation. In addition to his primary interest in outpatient orthopedics, other clinical experience includes aquatic physical therapy, lymphedema, and chronic pain.

Chris Franson, P.T.A., is a Physical Therapy Assistant at Renew Physical Therapy. Chris earned his Associate of Applied Science Degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant from Mt. Hood Community College in June 2001 and has worked with Dr. Michael Cantwell since 2004.

While working with Dr. Michael Cantwell, Chris has become proficient in manual therapy techniques, particularly soft tissue massage and Mulligan mobilization techniques. Chris has a well-rounded skillset that includes extensive training in therapeutic exercise, along with experience and a background of football, wrestling, and coaching sports.

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Renew Your Body With Renew Physical Therapy

Renew Physical Therapy is an independent manual physical therapy clinic that was established in December 2015 by Michael and Heidi Cantwell. Our facility features three private treatment rooms and an open gym area to treat all our patients’ needs.

We offer a wide range of physical therapy treatments to treat work or auto-related injury, chronic pain, and sports injury, as well as pain associated with specific parts of the body. If you experience neck and back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, or are recovering from surgery, Renew Physical Therapy can help.

We are located at 11010 SE Division Street in Portland, Oregon.

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