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5 Most Commonly Claimed Workplace Injuries

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Workplace injuries encompass a vast variety of work-related health and wellness issues but there are a handful of injuries that are exceedingly common.

The 5 Leading Causes of Worker Injury are:

1. strains and sprains (30 percent)

2. cuts or punctures (19 percent)

3. contusions (12 percent)

4. inflammation (5 percent)

5. fractures (5 percent)

From, “By business size and industry, strains and sprains topped all lists for the most common type of injury except for small businesses, which experienced cuts or punctures most frequently, followed by strains and sprains. Eye injuries were among the most common injuries in both construction and manufacturing.

The injuries with the highest average incurred costs included amputations, dislocations, electric shock, crushing, and multiple trauma injuries, such as breaking multiple bones at once. These severe injuries have typically occurred less frequently overall.”

The most common injuries sustained in the workplace — strains and sprains — are often successfully treated with physical therapy.

At Renew Physical Therapy, our treatments are one-on-one, hands-on, pain-free, and focused on the root cause of each patient’s symptoms. Our manual therapy emphasis means that, rather than attempting to decrease pain by strengthening a painful body part, as conventional physical therapy does, we believe in eliminating pain by improving joint function through mobilization techniques, patient education, and behavioral modification strategies.

Renew Physical Therapy is proud to serve Portland-area residents suffering from common workplace injuries. Renew Physical Therapy utilizes several therapeutic modalities to restore pain-free function.

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