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6 Rules to Exercising After a Sprain or Strain

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Renew_Physical_Therapy_6 Rules to Exercising After a Sprain or Strain

Getting back into the swing of things post-injury will take time and dedication, and often, physical therapy. For those whose injuries are minor enough to not require therapy, there are six critical rules for reintroducing your injured parts to an active lifestyle.

1. Talk to Your Primary Care Physician

Before starting a post-injury activity, consult with your doc to determine your optimum level of engagement. Exercising too soon after an injury can cause additional damage and increase the healing time.

2. Focus on Circulation

Exercises with small movements can increase circulation and prevent blood clots, which is especially important after surgery. Search for circulation boosting movements you can try comfortably.

3. Determine Your Range of Motion

This can be as easy as engaging in a few gentle stretches. Take note of your pain levels throughout and make sure not to overextend, especially as you begin your new restorative plan.

4. Work Toward Balance

Achieve this with simple yoga poses. Balance training results in fewer injuries as you age.

5. Strengthen Your Muscles

The complex muscular structures that surround your injury have likely been out of commission; ease them back into action with gently focused exercising.

6. Engage in Low Impact Exercises

Regardless of the exercise you choose, start off slowly and gradually work back up to your optimum activity level.

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