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Direct Access to Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Saturday, June 1, 2019

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What is Direct Access?

Direct access refers to the ability of patients to seek attention from a medical specialist like a physical therapist without needing a referral from their primary care physician.

Can a Physical Therapist Diagnose?

Yes, physical therapists are doctors and have the formal education and clinical training to diagnose, treat, and manage dysfunctions of movement and to enhance the functional abilities of individuals of all ages. Physical therapists are also able to refer the patient to other specialists who would be recommended for treatment and recovery.  For more info click on the following link: Do You Need A Doctor’s Referral to See A Physical Therapist?

What Are the Benefits of Going Directly to a Physical Therapist?

In many cases, direct access to a physical therapist can save you time and money. For details, you can read 3 Ways Physical Therapy Saves You Time and Money. In the article, we compare physical therapy costs to other options with similar outcomes. You can also save time. The sooner a physical therapist can diagnose you after experiencing the symptoms, the greater success for recovery.

Better Access to Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon?

If you live in or near Portland, Oregon, you are in the best place in the nation for direct access to physical therapy.  Oregon is one of the friendliest states towards physical therapy due to small business policies and direct access to physical therapy laws. All these benefits get passed on to you. Find out why at Portland, Oregon is One of the Best Cities for Physical Therapy.

How Do I Pick a Physical Therapist in the Portland Area?

As Renew Physical Therapy continues to grow, we have retained our personal approach to our patients. We believe it is because we are unique. Our multiple 5-star PT reviews reinforce the idea that our approach is creating great results. We adhere to a strict “no-pain” rule throughout the course of treatment to ensure steady progress toward a full recovery. No two patients are the same, therefore, each patient is evaluated and treated individually with no cookie-cutter or assembly line approach.

We are proud that our patients continue to give us 5-star reviews. You can click to read all our physical therapy testimonials.

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