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Physical Therapy for Work-Related Injuries in Portland

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Friday, October 6, 2017


Portlanders spend ample hours hustling in their places of work every week, overextending themselves both physically and mentally. When those over-exertions become injuries, and they often do, it’s crucial to take the time necessary to repair and revitalize those injured parts.

Work-related injuries can be as simple as a single muscle strain or as complex as a series of broken bones. Regardless of the extent of a workplace injury, the path to pain-free wellness can be found with the help of a skilled physical therapist. Severity of affliction notwithstanding, an able physical therapist can guide you through recovery and revival.

Serious injuries and gradually developed repetitive motion injuries alike often require focused, active recovery if the patient is to make a full recovery. Renew Physical Therapy’s practitioner has been helping Portland’s hard-working communities find pain-free relief for many of their workplace injuries for several successful years. If you are suffering from limited mobility, chronic pain, or debilitating injury as a result of a workplace injury, contact Renew Physical Therapy to begin your journey to a pain-free work experience.

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