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Save Money By Treating Lower Back Pain Early with Physical Therapy

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Friday, June 22, 2018

Renew_Physical_Therapy_Save Money By Treating Lower Back Pain Early with Physical Therapy

A study by the American Physical Therapy Association established that injured individuals who “received physical therapy within the first 15 days of diagnosis incurred lower average treatment costs than those whose physical therapy began later, and those savings continued through the 12-month study period.” Furthermore, the study indicated that far fewer of those who underwent physical therapy immediately following their accident, injury, or initial bout of lower back pain went on to have surgery.

From NPR’s Patricia Neighmond, “Americans spend an estimated $80 billion to $100 billion each year in hopes of easing their aching backs, the evidence is mounting that many pricey standard treatments — including surgery and spinal injections — are often ineffective and can even worsen and prolong the problem.”

Countless lower back pain studies have shown that folks newly diagnosed with lower back pain consistently maintain lower health care costs and improved function when physical therapy is utilized at the onset of back pain.

In fact, patients save an average of 30% in medical costs when they opt for physical therapy within 15 days of their injury. These lower costs are a result of fewer required follow-up services such as injections and surgeries.

Over 80 percent of the U.S. adult population experiences low back pain. If you are among those suffering from lower back pain, contact us at Renew Physical Therapy today. Renew Physical Therapy utilizes soft tissue massage, joint and spinal mobilizations, and several therapeutic modalities to restore pain-free function. We make it our personal goal to ensure that every patient who walks through our door has a positive experience.

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