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Using Foam Rollers for Physical Therapy

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, July 12, 2018

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Foam Rollers for Physical Therapy

Foam rollers can help target specific muscles and tissues during physical therapy. Foam rollers specifically are used to release tension and tightness in many of the most commonly injured muscle groups. Unfortunately, tightness is often exacerbated by, or else a direct result of, the positions people often find themselves in as part of their daily routine. Hunching over a work desk, standing for extended periods, heavy manual labor, and simply spending extended time with your neck bent over your smartphone can all result in chronic pain that can be treated with the use of foam rollers.

Many physical therapy exercises are enhanced when performed with a foam roller. Foam rollers are commonly used to stretch tight muscles and tissues, improve mobility, and enhance balance and strength, but in order to address your unique needs, talk to your physical therapist.

Foam rollers are inexpensive, effective tools for reducing pain and tightness and improving flexibility and core strength. When used by a skilled physical therapist, they can help improve your sports performance as well. Contact the professionals at Renew Physical Therapy today to see how foam rollers can treat your everyday sore muscles as well as your chronic pain.

Renew Physical Therapy utilizes therapeutic modalities, such as cold/heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation, to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. We also use massage, specialized mobilization/manipulation and taping techniques, as well as therapeutic stretching/strengthening exercises to restore pain-free function.

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