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3 Quick Physical Therapy Recommendations For Everyday Activities

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, August 22, 2019

Renew_Physical_Therapy_Is Sitting the New Smoking. How to Avoid the Health Risks of Sitting at a Desk All Day

The three most common reasons people see a physical therapist are for back pain, chronic pain, and post-surgery rehabilitation. However, A physical therapist is always thinking about body mechanics and the musculoskeletal system—even for everyday activities. If you sit, sleep or walk, this post is for you.

How Long Do You Sit?

The one most important tip for sitting is that you need to get up every 30 minutes. Sitting has replaced smoking as the largest health risk to Americans. Even with great posture and proper ergonomic arrangements, staying in the seated position for an extended length of time can still put stress on your back muscles, neck, and spine.

Mirrors Help You Sleep

62 percent of Americans experience sleep problems. How you spend your least active moments of your day impacts your most active moments. Read our post titled, “Sleeping Tips from a Physical Therapist,” for tips to help you sleep properly. Start by finding the proper position for your pillow — this is where the mirror comes in. Stand up facing the mirror and hold your pillow to the side of your head.  The outside edge of your pillow should line up with your shoulder. You do not want it to go past your shoulder (too high) and you don’t want it to stop too short.

A Better Way To Walk

You may not think of walking as something that can be improved upon because when we walk, our body does exactly what it’s supposed to do. We stand up, put one foot in front of the other, and we eventually get from point A to B. Perfect, right? There are a few things to consider, however, as you walk that does make the way you walk better for you. Are your glutes (a/k/a your behind) doing enough work? If the front of your thighs is doing most of the work, you are pulling yourself. You want to push yourself and flex your glutes as you walk. Read our previous post to find 3 Proper Walking Tips from a Physical Therapist.

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