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How Renew Physical Therapy Stays Ahead of the Curve

Posted by Renew Physical Therapy Portland on Thursday, July 25, 2019

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Back in 2016, WebMD published an article, New Trends in Physical Therapy, which cited new trends that would soon be adopted by physical therapy clinics. When Renew Physical Therapy opened its doors in 2015, many of these “trends” were considered the standard practice. Three of these trends are part of what makes Renew Physical Therapy different than other PT clinics. Our focus on hands-on techniques, the no-pain rule for physical therapy, and treating for joint function as opposed to full range of motion have put Renew Physical Therapy ahead of the curve. Let’s break each of these down.

Hands-On Manual Therapy

Technology and equipment have always been considered progressive in healthcare and wellness, but you can not replace manual therapy with electrical stimulation or ultrasound. These tools may have their place, but skilled manual therapy provides much more information about an injury and can address the issue at the source.

No-Pain Physical Therapy Rule

At Renew we have a no-pain physical therapy rule. We are in the business of trying to relieve and treat pain, not increase it. This may seem counter to what you have read or heard about physical therapy.  Our manual therapy emphasis means that, rather than attempting to decrease pain by strengthening a painful body part, as conventional physical therapy does, we believe in eliminating pain by improving joint function through mobilization techniques, patient education, and behavioral modification strategies.

Improving Joint Function as Opposed to Full Motion

Another trend Renew Physical Therapy has been ahead of is focusing on improving joint function. Many physical therapists in the past and even many today have been focused on returning to full range of motion as soon as possible. Your limited range of motion is a symptom, but not the source of your issue. Proper joint function is the issue. When you focus on joint function, range of motion follows. Instead of gauging how far you move, we are focus on how well you move.

Renew Physical Therapy is Located in SE Portland

Renew Physical Therapy is an independent manual physical therapy clinic in SE Portland that was established in December 2015 by Michael and Heidi Cantwell. Our facility features three private treatment rooms and an open gym area to treat all our patients’ needs. You can find us at 11010 SE Division Street, Suite 301, Portland, OR 97266.

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